Agents and realtors

Агентам и риелторам

Let's execute joint deals

This post is for our colleagues - realtors, working in real estate agencies, and private brokers. If you have a client planning to buy a penthouse, let's execute a joint deal. You will receive 50% of the amount of compensation from the penthouse sold with our help.

There are more than 150 offers from key reliable developers of new buildings in Moscow in our catalog of penthouse. We also have penthouses from owners on secondary market. For each penthouse we have signed a contract with a developer or an owner of a facility. This ensures that we will not be let down by sellers or developers when a customer pays. Your reward will be accurately received.

Immediate payment of agent fee

Before executing a transaction, we sign an agency contract with you. The developers usually pay our work within 10-14 days from the moment of payment for a penthouse by a client. When dealing with the secondary market, the money are transferred on the day of the transaction. We pay your part of the reward immediately on the day of receiving money to our account without delay. The average amount of remuneration from a transaction is 2 million rubles. Although there may be 20 million rubles. It depends on which lot is to be sold. You receive 50% of the total amount of remuneration. Money is transferred to the account of your real estate agency or to the personal account of an individual entrepreneur. In some cases, we are ready to pay your fee in cash.

Ready-made solution for brokers from regions and other countries

Joint execution of transactions is suitable for brokers and agencies that work not in Moscow but in regions or other countries. It also makes sense to cooperate, if you do not specialize in selling penthouses, and you get a client who plans to buy an expensive penthouse with a terrace. You do not want to miss the deal, and working with an expert will be a reasonable decision in this case.

You do not need to study the Moscow market. There are many non-existent, unreal objects in Cian and other databases. The fact is that finding real owners takes valuable time. Moreover, when searching for a right option, you again come across intermediaries and brokers. We suggest not to waste time and push your luck, risking to miss the deal.

Arranging a preview and selling a desired penthouse

The brokers of kupipenthouse project will make a selection of suitable penthouses for your client. We have a clear and concise presentation for each lot. If there is a need, we will meet your client for free at the airport on our car. Within an hour, we can organize 5-6 previews of chosen penthouses. During a day, a client with a broker usually visit no more than 5 objects, taking into account the traveling time and the time spent on the site. If a client likes any lot, we immediately reserve it. Then there is the matter of technology. Preparation and signing of the contract, payment and receiving remuneration.

Free approval of the mortgage

We have a mortgage broker in our company. And this is not just a person who simply fills in questionnaires, scans documents and sends them to the bank. We completely reproduce the banking evaluation mechanism in our office. Before submitting, we do the same checks as a bank services. Our credit experts consider a client through the eyes of a bank. This allows approving 90% of mortgage applications. We easily work with a mortgage for the amount of 40-60-100 million rubles. Neither you nor a client have to mess around with the documents. Our employees will take the responsibility for it. The work on mortgage approval for our clients is free of charge. A bank gives our customers a 10.4% interest rate. We usually apply to 2-3 banks at a time. The solution is obtained within 2 days.

Whitewill – quality mark

Our agency is called Whitewill. We sell not only penthouses, but also 50 new buildings of premium and business class, mansions within Third Ring Road, lofts. There is a separate project for apartments and offices of Moscow City complex.

The company makes its own high-quality presentations, videos, catalogs on our objects that will help you during the sale, making the presentation to a client much easier. Other agencies do not have such tools on the market. This is our advantage.

You do not have to feel ashamed

When choosing employees in the Whitewill team, we pay attention primarily to a combination of professionalism and personal qualities. It is important for us that every broker is a personality. We make sure that he or she is not a bitch and will not try to scare away or draw over your client. Whitewill broker not only knows the objects, the market and goes through the certification, but also communicates well with people. You will not be ashamed for choosing the partner for joint transactions.

If you have a client who wants to buy a penthouse in Moscow, let's make him happy and sell him the best penthouse in his life. Start a dialogue with us by calling Whitewill at +7 (495) 320-95-50.

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