(Русский) Клубный дом «Тессинский 1». Двухуровневые пентхаусы с камином

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Moscow City has become a well-known brand among Russian and foreign business representatives, politicians, top managers and culture representatives. It attracts not only with its functionality, but also with its urban look. Life in Moscow City is comfortable, thanks to the developed infrastructure and a wide range of services. Shopping galleries, fitness clubs, restaurants and bars, underground parking lots are all within five-minute walk. Comfort is an important component, but it is not a key factor. The real estate in the towers of Presnensky district is extremely prestigious. In this article, we have reviewed 5 best penthouses of Moscow City, which amaze with their luxury.

Penthouse with an open terrace in «City of Capitals» tower

The way to the apartments takes place at a cozy and atmospheric lobby with a small garden where you can appoint private negotiations or relax after a hard day. A personal elevator to the penthouse will lift you from the 1st to the 75th floor in less than a minute. When you enter the room, you are able to enjoy with the panorama of the capital’s center from a bird's-eye view. The ceilings with the height of more than 6 meters are also a characteristic feature of the penthouse. This allows building up the second level of the room and increasing the area to almost 2 000 m². Thanks to the freedom of planning of the premises, you can implement any design project. The penthouse in «City of Capitals» has the access to the helicopter pad for emergency situations. Experts estimate the cost of premises at 500 million rubles. However, this is not the limit: last year, a penthouse in the same tower was sold for $ 10.5 million, which was the most expensive deal for 2016.

Two floors in a golden tower for 500 million rubles

Sky-premium penthouse in «Mercury» tower occupies more than 500 m². The Kremlin, Zhivopisny Bridge, Poklonnaya Gora, Ukraine Hotel - everything can be observed from your new apartment. You are able to enjoy with the view of the whole Moscow through the panoramic windows of the 62th-63th floors. Unlike the previous penthouse, the engineers have connected two floors. «Mercury» tower is connected with «Afimol» and other towers through the underground passage, near the famous restaurants «Nebo» and «Sixty». The developer asks for about half a million rubles for such two-level penthouse in Moscow City. Perhaps, it is the smallest among those described in the top-5, but it is in no way inferior to other larger-scale objects.

Sky-penthouse and the ceilings with the height of up to 15 meters

«Federation» tower accommodates perhaps the largest penthouse in Moscow City. It occupies the world's tallest 97th floor. Its total area is more than a football field - about 8.000 m2. The giant among apartments is considered as a separate space of ​​the tower. It is complemented by a personal elevator zone, which, like in all the towers of Moscow City, will raise the owner of the apartment to the right floor within a minute. However, the future owner of the apartment will become not only the owner of a large area, but also a unique project, which has no analogues either in Russia nor in Europe. The engineering team guarantees the stability of the penthouse for at least 150 years. The cost of the object is estimated at $180 000 000.

Penthouse in «Empire» tower with hundreds of offices under your feet

On the 58th floor of the tower there is a penthouse with the cost of 1 000 000 000 rubles. There is a panoramic view of all sides of the city. The apartments have a convenient access to the roof of the building, which allows enjoying with even more attractive view of Moscow. It is impossible to feel limited by any framework on the area of ​​1.000 m2. Moreover, the free layout of the penthouse will not limit the flight of the imagination of its owners, when they decide to implement their design preferences into reality. Under the tower there is both a parking lot and the entrance to «Delovoy Tsentr» metro station. A rigid system of access and a wide range of services in «Empire» tower will not allow any unforeseen situations to spoil the mood of the tower residents.

Business life in «OKO» tower

Our rating is finalized by an object that cannot be fully described as a penthouse, but nevertheless has a balcony with the area of 2000 m2 with the view of Moscow. This is the largest office in «OKO» tower with the price exceeding 27 billion rubles. For this amount, the designers and engineers of the project suggest making the headquarters of a large company in open-space format, allocating zones for negotiation rooms and offices for executive managers, as well as arranging a green space for their colleagues on the balcony of the 48th floor. The working group was headed by world-famous architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, who creates offices for large international companies, for example, Ferrari. The office with an open terrace is complemented by the access to the helicopter pad for emergency situations. Modern lobby and developed infrastructure of the tower will provide employees with great mood and comfort during working process.

If you are interested in one of the objects or want to buy a penthouse in Moscow City, then call our brokers at +7 (495) 320-95-50. The team of kupipenthouse.ru project will select and show the best offers within one day. We work free of charge.

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Businessmen and officials, movie and show business stars, famous lawyers and expats live in the towers of Moscow City complex. The project in the Business Center of the capital provides the construction of 20 facilities, including Expocenter, Afimall shopping center and a cinema and concert hall. 15 of them have already been built and put into service.


All towers in the City are conditionally divided into residential and office zones. Fully residential towers include OKO, Gorod Stolits and Neva Towers that are currently under construction. In Federation and Mercury, the first floors are occupied by offices, there are apartments on the upper floors.


Gorod Stolits complex includes two towers, symbolizing Moscow and St. Petersburg. At the top of both towers, 75 and 65 stories high, luxurious penthouses with their own terraces are located like a cherry on a cake.

The view of the city from Gorod Stolits complex


Kupipenthouse.ru experts are presenting you a two-level penthouse with the highest terrace in Europe, located on the 75th floor of Moscow Tower.


The area of ​​the penthouse is 600 square meters. The layout includes a large living room, a kitchen - a dining room and 4 bedrooms with dressing rooms and separate bathrooms. Interior design is to be completed in spring 2018. The buyer of the penthouse will be the first resident of this luxurious space - no one has lived there before.

The layout of the penthouse with a terrace in Gorod Stolits


The height of the ceiling is 5 meters, panoramic glazing allowed the designers to make the second level on the left and right sides of the large living room. There is a cozy office on the first side, there is a sofa zone on the second side, which can be used as a library or a hookah area.

Living room with 5-meter high ceilings


There are 4 bedrooms in the penthouse, one of which is two-leveled. One of them can be arranged as a children's room, the second one can be used as a guest room and for accommodating of visiting relatives. Each bedroom has panoramic windows and 5-meter high ceilings, own bathrooms and spacious dressing rooms.

Bedroom overlooking the center of Moscow


The bathrooms have panoramic windows from floor to ceiling with premium bathroom facilities and large showers installed. Only the residents of country houses and Moscow City apartments can start their day with morning water procedures in a sunlit bathroom, because window in a bathroom of a classical apartment  is a rarity. But in this penthouse you will be able to enjoy not only with the sun, but also with an excellent view of the capital from a bird's eye view.

Bathroom with panoramic windows


The highlight of the penthouse is an open terrace with the area of 500 square meters. It goes around the perimeter, which allows making several exits from different rooms. In summer, you can set here lunches and dinners with the view of the city, sunbathe on deckchairs or cook a barbecue. In winter, put a New Year tree and play snowballs with children here.


The air at the altitude of 300 meters is clean, because the exhaust gases do not rise above the 30th-40th floor. The side glass protects against wind, and it is possible to sip hot wine punch and enjoy with the city views on the terrace even in winter.

Open terrace on the roof of the skyscraper


360-degree overview provides a stunning view of the whole Moscow. You can choose what landscape you will have from the window today: Vorobyovy Gory and high-altitude Moscow State University, illuminated by night lights, the Moskva River with the Ukraine Hotel and the Russian White House, or the city with the Park Pobedy that overflows the horizon and shimmers with all the colors of Ostankino TV tower.

You are able to observe Moscow from 4 sides from the terrace


The tower has high-speed elevators, and it will take no more than a minute to get to your penthouse. For the convenience of the owner and the visitors, two separate entrances lead to the apartments.


There are 24/7 BambooBar and TuttoBene restaurants with European, Pan-Asian and Italian cuisine on the ground floor of the Tower. In summer, these restaurants open terraces, and you can have breakfast in the fresh air, going down in the elevator from your penthouse literary in a home clothing and slippers.


There is a premium fitness club World Class on the third floor of Gorod Stolits complex with 25-meter swimming pool and a running track overlooking the river and the city. Separate attention should be paid to the spa area with massages and hamam.

Fitness club and restaurants on the ground floor


The tower is connected by a covered underground gallery with Afimall shopping center, which has more than 50 restaurants and cafes, shops, boutiques, children's centers and a cinema with a concert hall.


The cost of the penthouse with the area of 600 square meters with high-quality interior design and a terrace with the area of 500 square meters is $11 million dollars. To discuss details, appoint a preview and negotiate with the owner, call the experts of kupipеnthouse.ru project at +7 (495) 320-95-50.

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It is enough to have 25 million rubles to buy a penthouse with interior design in Moscow. 500 million rubles will allow you to buy a penthouse with a customized design.

Experts of kupipenthouse.ru project have made an overview of the best penthouses with interior design, which can be bought in the new residential complexes of elite class in Moscow.


Penthouse with interior design in «Nabokov» clubhouse

The penthouse with interior design can be bought in «Nabokov» clubhouse. The «Vesper» company is building it in Ostozhenka lanes.

The penthouse in «Nabokov» clubhouse with the total area of ​​500m² costs 500 million rubles. This is one of the most expensive penthouses with customized interior design, which can be found in new residential complexes of elite class in Moscow.

The penthouse consists of five bedrooms, six bathrooms and a terrace with the area of 130m2. The panoramic windows of the penthouse overlook the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.


The terrace area of ​​the penthouse in «Nabokov» clubhouse exceeds 130m²


The interior design of the penthouse was created by the French designer Jean-Louis Denio. According to Denio himself, his interiors «look hundred times more expensive than they cost».


Jean-Louis Deno creates luxurious interiors with the colors composed from hundreds of shades of gray


The partnership of Denio and Vesper company is not accidental. Deno's handwriting is a gray color, and the designer knows more than fifty of its shades. The creative approach of the designer corresponds to the concept of Nabokov clubhouse - luxurious minimalism.


The bathroom of the penthouse in Nabokov is decorated with marble


Denio used Jurassic marble and wood of valuable species as decorating elements of the penthouse.


There is a parquet of valuable wood on the floor of the penthouse in Nabokov clubhouse


The design of the apartments and entrance groups in Nabokov clubhouse was executed by London architectural bureau Aukett Swanke. Its architects are known for their residences on Fifth Avenue in New York and the Adelphi Theater building in London.



Russian architectural bureau «Tsimaylo, Lyashenko and Partners» was responsible for the facades of «Nabokov» clubhouse. The architects of this bureau have already designed «Vesper» buildings. «Chekhov» on Dmitrovka, «Bunin» on Plyushchikha and «Saint Nikolas» on Lubyanka are among them.

The facade of «Nabokov» clubhouse is decorated with Jurassic marble. The latter was used, in particular, in the construction of the Cheops pyramid. After the First World War, the stone spread to European cities.


Smooth walls of «Nabokov» clubhouse are decorated with the bars of Jurassic marble and look rough.


50% of the «Nabokov» facade is occupied by panoramic windows of Switzerland manufacturer.  Opti-White window glass is absolutely transparent and has perfect color rendition. Similar glass was used to create the Reichstag dome in Berlin.


100% transparency of the glass creates a feeling that there is no double-glazed window.


«Nabokov» clubhouse consists of six floors, 15 apartments with interior design and 32 parking spaces. The building is located at the intersection of Pozharsky and Course lanes.

«Vesper» believes that «Nabokov» will become the business card of Ostozhenka. To understand the developer's ambitions, we should remember that Ostozhenka streets have the densest concentration of elite real estate in Moscow and the most expensive cost per square meter. The square meter in a penthouse in «Golden Mile» residential complex costs from 2 to 3 million rubles.



«Vesper» plans to deliver the complex in the IV quarter of 2017, but you can buy the penthouse in «Nabokov» now.


Penthouse with interior design in Barkley Gallery clubhouse

You should have 200 million rubles to buy the penthouse with interior design and the view of the Kremlin. This is a 200m2 penthouse in «Barkley Gallery» clubhouse, which «Barkley» is building on Bolshaya Ordynka street.


The interior of the living room in «Barkley Gallery» penthouse, executed in Amber-Deco style from Loro Piana


There are two penthouses with interior design by Loro Piana, an Italian manufacturer of fancy clothing and luxuries, on sale in «Barkley Gallery».


The interior of the bedroom in «Barkley Gallery» penthouse, executed in Amber-Deco style from Loro Piana


The design project of the first penthouse will be executed in Amber-Deco style, and the second - in Classic-Bliss style.


The interior of the living room in «Barkley Gallery» penthouse, executed in Classic-Bliss style from Loro Piana


The penthouse in «Barkley Gallery» will allow you to relax by the wood-burning fireplace, go out to a comfortable terrace overlooking old Moscow or go down into the garden, hidden from outsider’s eyes.


The interior of the entrance hall in «Barkley Gallery» penthouse, executed in Classic-Bliss style from Loro Piana


You can spend the evening enjoying with a cup of tea or holding a business meeting on the ground floor of «Barkley Gallery». For this purpose, a community zone and a café with a summer terrace will be arranged in the lobby of the clubhouse.


Summer terrace of «Barkley Gallery» own cafe by «Aedas» British bureau


The centers of attraction in the interior of the lobby are the piano, the fireplace and Le Roi Soleil ceiling lamp. The lamp was created by Dutch designer Marcel Vanders and manufactured by Baccarat House, which has been producing crystal from the 18th century.


Lobby of «Barkley Gallery» by Marcel Vanders and «Aedas» British bureau


Le Roi Soleil ceiling lamp or «Sun King», named after the French King Louis XIV - is a modern «remake» of «Zenith Bakkara» series of lamps, known in Russia since the middle of the XIX century. A classic French palace lamp was their prototype.



«Barkley Gallery» is the project inspired by the neighborhood with Tretyakov Gallery and the work of Lev Bakst. The latter was married to the daughter of the founder of Tretyakov Gallery and painted on the order of Emperor Nicholas II. For example, the «Meeting of Russian sailors» picture.

«Barkley Gallery» architecture was created by «Aedas» British architectural bureaus and RHWL, known for the design of the subway in Dubai and «theater» projects in London. For example, London Coliseum restoration, Tara Theater and Guildhall School of Music and Drama.


Straight neoclassicism lines of «Barkley Gallery» performed by «Aedas» British bureau


The architecture of the «Barkley Gallery» is the harmony of floral motifs of modern style and the neoclassical lines. Both styles are characteristic of Moscow architecture of the first half of the 20th century. The architects used granite and forged elements to decorate the facade.


Elements of art forging of modern style floral motifs of «Barclay Gallery» façade executed by «Aedas» British architects


«Barkley Gallery» is a 46-apartment clubhouse with customized interior designer. The designers have also decorated the facades, the lobby, the inner garden and even the parking. According to «Barkley» philosophy, the design of parking is just as important as the interior design of apartments.



«Barkli» plans to deliver the clubhouse in 2018, but you can buy the penthouse in «Barkley Gallery» now.


Penthouse with interior design in A-Residence residential complex

It is enough to have 25 million rubles to buy a penthouse with interior design in Moscow. That is exactly the price of a penthouse with the area of 67m2 in «A-Residence» residential complex which «O1 Properties» company is building in Zamoskvorechye. The penthouse in «A-Residence» is the most affordable penthouse with interior design in Moscow.


The architectural project of «A-Residence» was developed by «Tsimaylo, Lyashenko and Partners», architectural bureau, we have already mentioned them above.

«A-Residence» facades are decorated with bronze, glass and Jurassic marble. Thanks to the noble natural materials, «A-Residence» will harmoniously fit into the historical district. Its residents won’t have to blush to their neighbors for the pretentiousness of their complex.


On the left - the facades of « A-Residence », on the right - the historic buildings of Baltschug island


To decorate the penthouse in «A-Residence», designers also use marble, hardwood and premium bathroom facilities.

You can enjoy with the warmth of the wood-burning fireplace in the penthouse and go out to your own terrace.

Thanks to central air conditioning and forced ventilation, the penthouse can breathe fresh air without opening the windows.

Closed windows will block the sound from the street, and the window glass will withstand the impact, even if a child hits it with a running start, as the developer will install wooden-aluminum frames with a shockproof double-glazed glass and an increased level of noise insulation.




The authors of the project do not disclose the name of the designer and the photos of the penthouse interior design in «A-Residence». Nevertheless, the low cost of the penthouse, as well as the names of the builder and architect, compensate this shortcoming.

For example, the «O1 Properties» developer has already built a complex of «Bolshevik» loft-apartments, and «Tsimaylo, Lyashenko and Partners» architectural bureau have designed a dozen of elite residential complexes with penthouses in Moscow. These include the clubhouses of «Vesper» company: «Chekhov» on Dmitrovka, «Bunin» on Plyushchikha and « Saint Nicholas» in Lubyanka.




There will be premises for walking on the territory of «A-Residence». The developer will equip the courtyard with paths, recreation areas and a children playground. In addition, the company will plant the yard with large trees.



You will be able to visit a fitness center, a beauty salon and a dry cleaning in «A-Residence». The developer plans to arrange shops and cafes on the first floors.



«A-Residence» is the complex of five club residences. The total number of apartments in the complex is 181, it has 240-car underground parking. The buildings of 5-9 floors are located on Balchug Island, between Sadovnicheskaya and Kosmodamianskaya embankments.



«O1 Properties» plans to deliver the complex in 2019, but you can buy the penthouse in «A-Residence» now.


How to buy a penthouse with interior design in Moscow

To buy a penthouse with interior design in Moscow, call the brokers of kupipenthouse.ru project at +7 (495) 320-95-50.

We will appoint and organize the preview of the best penthouses in Moscow. We will help you to arrange a deal and, if necessary, approve a mortgage.

We work with love and free of charge.

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Zaryadye Park was opened in Moscow. This is the first park in the center of Moscow for the last 70 years, and it has become a new dominant in the elite real estate market. The architects consider it as the most likely candidate for the top three of the world's best parks, next to London's Hyde Park and  New York’s Central Park.

As soon as president Putin cut the ribbon, it was followed by the outburst of the market: buyers count the steps from Zaryadye Park to their apartments, sellers are planning to raise prices, and analysts predict their growth of 10-15%.

Penthouses overlooking the Kremlin are in the center of attention, as far as they have inferior viewing characteristics which can compete with Zaryadye Park.

Kupipenthouse.ru experts have collected the facts about the park to encourage you to hurry up to buy a penthouse next to Zaryadye Park at a good price.


The view of the Kremlin, inaccessible from other points of Moscow


Zaryadye Park overlooks the historical center of Moscow: the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, squares, skyscrapers and embankments. Panoramas are unusual for both the guests of the capital, and for the residents of the city.

For example, you can enjoy with the view of Vasilyevsky Descent and the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed from the water meadows, through the crowns of young birches, and of the Moskva River from the slopes of the legendary Pskov Hill, which was partly restored in Zaryadye Park.

According to the history, Pskov Hill is one of the seven hills on which Moscow stands. Pskov Hill was named in the XV century, when the Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily III annexed Pskov to Moscow. The prince settled the Pskov nobility next to the Kremlin in order to prevent it from rebellion. The hill was cut after the fires of 1812.

The main observation point of Zaryadye Park is a «soaring» bridge, which has no analogues in the world.

The «soaring» bridge in Zaryadye Park hangs over the Moskva River at an altitude of 13 meters.


Due to its design, the V-shaped bridge in Zaryadye Park can become the part of the Guinness Book of Records. The peculiarity of the «soaring» bridge is that, with the length of 250 meters and the weight of 4,000 tons, it has only two supports.

Standing on the «soaring» bridge, you are able to admire with the embankments and the Kremlin from the height of 13 meters above the surface of the Moskva River.

Visitors called the «soaring» bridge the best viewing platform of the city. But this is because none of them were lucky to climb to the penthouse terrace overlooking Zaryadye Park.


The only park in Russia with four climatic zones


Zaryadye Park has become the new «lungs» of Moscow. A million annual and perennial plants make the air around the Kremlin cleaner.

The space of the park was divided into climatic zones peculiar to the Russian latitudes: forest, tundra, steppe and flood meadows.

So, from Red Square you can get to the birch grove, walk along the barbarian to the mosses and lichens of the tundra, go down into the mixed forest and go out into the green meadow or to the ponds surrounded by reeds.


The view of Vasilyevsky Descent and St. Basil's Cathedral


Each zone has its own vegetation: trees, shrubs, ornamental and medicinal herbs, water and wild flowers.

For example, lianas, ferns, yew, rhododendrons and juniper grow in the subtropical forest. Bells, cornflowers, clover, geranium, St. John's wort and chicory grow in the meadow. There is sage, almonds and a tulip of Biberstein brought to the Red Book in the steppe.

To ensure comfortable conditions for the flora, Zaryadye Park was supplied with climate control systems and natural lighting. Northern plants are protect from the hot sun with cool air, and southern plants are warmed from frost.

For local residents, Zaryadye Park will be the nearest alternative to the Alexander Garden. It remains to buy a penthouse nearby.


Competitor to «Mariinsky» theatre in Moscow and the only organ hall near the Kremlin walls


The Philharmonic in Zaryadye Park will be a new secular place where it will be possible to listen to the organ and the only organ hall near the walls of the Moscow Kremlin.

In total, there are eight organ halls in the capital. Half of them are in Catholic and Lutheran churches. The Moscow International House of Music on Kosmodamianskaya embankment, the Glinka Museum of Musical Culture on Fadeeva street, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall at Mayakovskaya street and the organ hall of Opera House in Tsaritsyno estate are among the non-religious halls.


The project of the Philharmonic in Zaryadye Park.


According to the creators, the Philharmonic in Zaryadye Park will have more opportunities for staging operas and ballets than the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg. In particular, the Japanese engineer Yasuhisa Toite, who arranges the sound in the Mariinsky Theater, as well as the Elbe and Parisian Philharmonic, is engaged in acoustics.

There will be a rehearsal room for chamber and solo concerts and a recording studio in the building of the Philharmonic. A buffet, a recreation area with an open terrace and an underground parking with the entrance for limousines and the entrance for VIP guests will operate for visitors.

From the architectural point of view, the Philharmonic in Zaryadye Park will be executed in the spirit of classical modernism of the 60's, which will become the hallmark of the surrounding buildings.

The Philharmonic will be opened in 2018, and it will be one of the most unusual ways to spend cultural evenings in the center of Moscow.


River taxi and the only transport hub in the historical center of Moscow


New berths will start operating in Zaryadye Park to arrange river shuttles to the territory of the former «Likhachev Plant».

For example, getting by water from the apartments in Zaryadye Park to the apartment on ZIL and coming back will take only 15 minutes.

According to the chief capital architect Sergei Kuznetsov, the Moskva River section from ZIL to Zaryadye Park is one of the few within the city where public water transport can be launched. It's all about the height of the waves, raised by river ships, that is minimal on the segment from ZIL to Zaryadye Park.


The view from the «soaring» bridge in Zaryadie to Moskvoretskaya and Kotelnicheskaya embankments, as well as Kotelnicheskaya high-rise.


According to the mayor's office claim, any location from the northeast corner of Zaryadye Park to any address inside the Park can be reached within 20 minutes. For this purpose, a transport hub will be opened near «Kitai-Gorod» metro station on Slavyanskaya square, which will become the first in the center of Moscow.

A transport hub will allow changing a taxi by metro, a bicycle or a bus, including night routes, for a couple of minutes.

You may not need this, but the hub will make local real estate attractive for those who want to rent it, that is, for expats, business tourists and entrepreneurs from the regions.


New area of elite development in the center of Moscow


The area around Zaryadye will be built up with elite housing. The development of «new Ostozhenka» - that is how realtors named the neighborhood of the park - will begin with the reconstruction of buildings on the corner of Varvarka and Kitaygorodsky proezd.

At the beginning of the XX century, those buildings were profitable houses of Zelik Persich - the merchant of the first guild and «Yakor» insurance company, and in 2018 they will become a hotel with apartments basing on the project of «Kievskaya Ploshchad» developer Zarakh Iliev and God Nisanov.

The hotel with the area of ​​65,000 m2 and the height of 6-9 floors will become a «gateway to the city», which will connect Zaryadye Park with Barvarka and Kitaygorodsky proezd.

Formally, the land plot for the hotel does not belong to the park. However, the developer, at the insistence of the city authorities, promised to construct the hotel in the unified style with architectural monuments of Kitai-Gorod and Zaryadye Park zone.


The view of the future hotel on the corner of Varvarka and Kitaygorodsky proezd from the side of Zaryadye Park.


In May 2017, the Moscow Architectural Council considered the concept of the development of the territory next to Zaryadye Park. It is a plot of 11 hectares between Solyanka street, Ustinsky proezd and Moskvoretskaya embankment. About 30 buildings are located here. Five of them are objects of a cultural heritage; four more are city-forming objects.

The building of the Pyotr Veliky Strategic Missile Force Academy and the Educational House, built in accordance with the project of Carl Blanc in the XVIII century, are among them. The total area of ​​the buildings is 113 000 m2.

Thus, the historical buildings will accommodate hotels (17% of the territory), apartments (30%) and shopping and entertainment facilities (53%). The investor will build the facilities in a unified style with the architectural monuments of Kitai-Gorod and the territory of Zaryadye Park.


Empty buildings of the Academy of Strategic Missile Forces named after Peter the Great, which were put up for auction by Moscow authorities in August 2017, on the way through Kitaigorodsky proezd to Zaryadye Park.


According to the media, «Kiev Square» (a hotel on the corner of Zaryadye Park) and «Vesper» (the center of Moscow elite real estate) will get interested in the project.

Due to the new area on Moskvoretskaya embankment, the apartments that have already been built or are being built around the Kremlin will be supplemented with boutiques, restaurants and fitness clubs.

While the development is far away, you can buy a penthouse near Zaryadye Park at a good price.


Where to buy a penthouse next to Zaryadye Park


At the current moment, it is possible to buy an apartment near Zaryadye Park in five elite new complexes: two clubhouses on Kotelnicheskaya street, two complexes on Sadovnicheskaya street and the project on Sofiyskaya embankment. You can buy penthouses in four of them. They are « Balchug Residence», «Balchug Viewpoint», the clubhouse on 21 Kotelnicheskaya street, and the clubhouse on 31 Kotelnicheskaya Street.

In total, 11 penthouses are sold in the primary market within the walking distance from Zaryadye Park.


«Balchug Viewpoint» is one of the residential complexes with penthouses, which is within the walking distance from Zaryadye Park.


Penthouses in the clubhouses on Kotelnicheskaya have the best view of the Kremlin in the capital, the Moskva River and Zaryadye Park, and the penthouses in «Balchug Residence» and «Balchug Viewpoint» have the best value for penthouses, located  within walking distance from the Kremlin.

So, the «cheapest» penthouse near Zaryadye Park can be bought from 31 million rubles for 58 m2. The maximum budget for purchasing a penthouse next to Zaryadye Park is 530 million rubles for 350 m2.

You can buy a penthouse with the view of Zaryadye Park in «Clubhouse on Kotelnicheskaya embankment».

The view of the Kremlin and the park under construction from the penthouse in the clubhouse on 31 Kotelnicheskaya street.


The price of this penthouse is 530 million rubles. For this money, you will get an apartment with the area of 350 m2 on the 7th floor, with a free layout and your own outdoor terrace.

Walking distance to Zaryadye Park is 20 minutes.

The penthouse, which is located closest to Zaryadye Park, can be bought in the complex of elite apartments «Balchug Residence».

The penthouse in «Balchug Residence» is the closest to Zaryadye Park.


You can buy a penthouse in «Baltschug Residence» for 79 million rubles. The price includes 129 m2 with a free layout on the 5th floor.

Walking distance to Zaryadye Park is 18 minutes.

Aesthetics lovers will appreciate the penthouses in one of the most specific complexes of luxury apartments in the center of Moscow. It's about «Balchug Viewpoint».

The view of the Kremlin from the penthouse in «Balchug Viewpoint», 400 meters from Zaryadye Park


You can buy a penthouse in «Balchug Viewpoint» for 82 million rubles. The price includes 142 m2 on the 6th floor. The apartments are sold with a free layout and without interior design.

Walking distance to Zaryadye Park is 12 minutes.

«Clubhouse on Kotelnicheskaya, 21» is closer than others to the berths of Zaryadye Park.

The penthouse in the clubhouse on 21 Kotelnicheskaya street is within 1 kilometer from Zaryadye Park.


You can buy a penthouse in the clubhouse on 21 Kotelnicheskaya street for 220 million rubles. You will get the apartments with the area of ​​218 m2 on the 7th floor for this money.

Walking distance to Zaryadye Park is 17 minutes.


How to buy a penthouse near Zaryadye Park


To know about all the penthouses that are on sale, download the catalog of penthouses in Moscow on kupipenthouse.ru. website.

If you want to come and watch the penthouse, call the experts of kupipenthouse.ru project at +7 (495) 320-95-50.

Within one day we will appoint and conduct a tour to show you the best penthouses in Moscow. We will help you to execute a deal and, if necessary, approve a mortgage. We work with love and free of charge.

The most anticipated penthouses of 2017
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There were the facilities in Moscow elite housing market that were planned to be delivered before the end of the year. Kupipenthouse.ru experts have chosen three complexes executed in different architectural styles: refined European, eclectic industrial and monumental soviet. You can buy a penthouse on the roof of each of them.

Nabokov in Golden mile

«Nabokov» is a European-style clubhouse from « Vesper» company. The developer named the object in the honor of Vladimir Nabokov, the writer.

It is noteworthy, but the descendant of an ancient noble family, four-time nominee for the Nobel Prize and the author of the scandalous novel «Lolita», Nabokov never was in Moscow and did not write about it a single line. He spent all his life, travelling from Europe to America and back.

Vneshniaya stena klubnogo doma Nabokov

The outer wall of «Nabokov» at the intersection of Pozharsky and Kursovy lanes.


«Nabokov» clubhouse is located on the territory of the capital Golden mile – that is how realtors call a triangle between Ostozhenka, Prechistenskaya embankment and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The most expensive square meter and the densest concentration of elite real estate in Moscow is on Ostozhenka streets.

The developer of the project quotes Nabokov: «The dream and reality merge in love», refers to Armani: «The secret of luxury life is in the absence of everything superfluous», and positions the complex in the style of «restrained minimalism» as a new business card of Ostozhenka.

Risunok na vnutrenney storone Nabokova vypolnen s pomoshiu dekorativnoy podsvetki

The «picture» on the inner wall of «Nabokov» is made with the help of decorative lighting.


The leading role in decorating «Nabokov» is played by Jurassic marble. The masonry of oblong blocks from natural stone gives the facade a «velvety» structure, while its use in interior design of the apartments is luxuriously concise.

Fasad klubnogo doma Nabokov vypolnen iz yurskogo mramora

«Velvety» decoration of the facade is made of Jurassic marble.


«Nabokov» has six floors, 15 apartments and 32 parking spaces. The sixth floor of «Nabokov» is occupied by a penthouse with a terrace with the total area of ​​500 m2. Kupipenthouse.ru brokers offer special conditions for this object. To find out the cost of a penthouse in «Nabokov», call +7 (495) 320-95-50.

Otkrytaya terrasa penthausa v Nabokove

You can see an open terrace of the penthouse in «Nabokov» from the alley.


The terrace of the penthouse in «Nabokov» overlook the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the alleys of Ostozhenka.

Vid s terrasy Nabokova na Hram Hrista Spasitelya

You can see the domes of the main Russian church from the penthouse terrace in «Nabokov».


The developer offers to buy a penthouse, as well as all other apartments in «Nabokov», with interior design.

Interier spalni v apartamentah Nabokova

Interior design of the bedroom in the penthouse in «Nabokov».


The idea of ​​the interior design corresponds to the aesthetics of minimalism – fewer details, more sense. It remains to relax and contemplate.

Interier vannaoy komnaty Nabokova

The interior design of the bathroom, as well as the facade of «Nabokov», is created with the help of Jurassic marble.


The clubhouse was planned to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2017, but you can buy a penthouse in «Nabokov» at any time.


Bolshevik on «Belorusskaya» metro station

The complex of loft-apartments «Bolshevik» is a reconstruction of confectionery factory with the same name. It was founded by French entrepreneur Adolf Siu in 1855. At that time, the enterprise was called «A. Sioux and K». Thanks to the architect's discovery - the facades of red and yellow bricks - the factory then became an all-Russian architectural landmark.

Siu enterprise was famous not only for architecture. In 1913, the factory was awarded the title of «Supplier of the Court of His Imperial Majesty» for its legendary «Jubilee» biscuit. Four years later, it was nationalized and renamed into «Bolshevik». A successful manufacturer distinguished himself in front of Soviet authority as well. In 1971, he was awarded the Order of Lenin for «early implementation of the Ninth Five-Year Plan».

Naruzhnye steny fabriki Bolshevik

The outer walls of «Bolshevik» preserved the original facades of the middle of the XIX century.


In the 90s of last century, the factory again moved to the French - «Danone» company bought out «Bolshevik», and then successfully closed it.

25 years later, it was decided to reconstruct the surviving factory buildings into a loft apartment of a premium class.

In 2016, at European Property Awards international exhibition, which has been taking place in London since 2008, the jury recognized the reconstruction of «Bolshevik» as the best redevelopment project in Russia.

The architectural principle of «Bolshevik» is a mixture of epochs. As a tribute to industrial history, the architects preserved the «native» facades of the factory. As a sign of modernity, the architects put the French balconies and added objects of attraction.

Ornament na stenah Bolshevika

Each building of «Bolshevik» is decorated with its own ornament of light brick.


The staircase has become one of such objects. It allows climbing from the ground to the last floor. Stair flights executed of dark steel are hidden from the outside world by transparent glass. When evening lights turn on, a soft and warm light reaches the courtyard of «Bolshevik» that refracts in numerous angles in the patterns of metal rails.

Lestnica v ZHK Bolshevik

In the evening illumination, the staircase made of glass and metal becomes the main art object of «Bolshevik».


The complex of loft-apartments «Bolshevik» consists of three 3-7 floor buildings, which contain 190 apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows. The developer offers to choose one of four options for interior design and buy apartments with decoration, light and plumbing.

You can buy a penthouse with a terrace on the 7th floor of «Bolshevik». The total area of ​​the two-level penthouse is 230 m2, and the height of the ceilings is 5 meters. The developer sells it without interior design, so any design project can be implemented inside. The cost of the penthouse is 65 million rubles.

Vid s terrasy Bolshevika

The panoramic windows of the penthouse in «Bolshevik» overlook the skyscrapers of «Moscow City».


The penthouse has the access to the roof garden...

Zimnye sady na kryshe Bolshevika

You can find closed winter and open summer gardens on the roofs of «Bolshevik».


... or go down to the fenced and guarded yard.

Vnutrennyi dvor Bolshevika

The courtyard is protected by «Bolshevik» buildings from street noise.


The complex was planned to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2017, but you can buy a penthouse in «Bolshevik» at any moment.


Clubhouse on Kotelnicheskaya street

House on 31 Kotelnicheskaya street is located within two kilometers to Red Square. It has a direct access to the embankment, a panoramic view of the Kremlin and the skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya street.

From the point of view of architecture, the clubhouse on Kotelnicheskaya is the triumph of monumental classicism, or, as it is called, the «Stalin Empire» style.

Vid na dom na Kotelnicheskoy so storony naberezhnoy

The house on Kotelnicheskaya from the side of the Moskva River «fits the place».


The facade of the new building looks like it revived the undeservedly forgotten project of a Soviet architect.

vnutrennyi fasad doma na Kotelnicheskoy

The facade of the house on Kotelnicheskaya looks monumental both from the embankment and from the courtyard.


The house on Kotelnicheskaya is also famous for its spacious penthouses, which the developer proposes to combine horizontally or vertically.

Terrasy penthausov v dome na Kotelniheskoy

Open terraces of penthouses are located on the multi-level roof of the house on Kotelnicheskaya.


You can buy a two-level penthouse with the area of ​​350 m2 in the house on Kotelnicheskaya. There is the access to own terrace, overlooking the best view of the Kremlin, compared to the terraces of other penthouses. The apartments are sold with free layout and without interior design.

Terrasa penthausa v dome na Kotelnicheskoy

The penthouse terrace in the house on Kotelnicheskaya overlook the «hedge» of the terrace of the neighboring penthouse.


The courtyard of the clubhouse with th view of the Moskva River is closed for parking and views of strangers, and there is three-level underground parking.

Zakrytyi dvor doma na Kotelnicheskoy

You can see the Moskva River and the embankment from the territory of the compound courtyard of the house on Kotelnicheskaya.


The residents of the complex will be able to enjoy with 24/7 concierge service. With the help of the concierge, they will be able to order food, call a personal chef, nanny or cleaner. There will be a restaurant, a SPA center and a wellness club, open only to the residents of the complex, on the ground floor.

At the time of the preparation of the article, the group of companies «Russkiy Monolit» introduced «Clubhouse on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment» into operation. Now you can buy a penthouse here, formalize it in the property and immediately proceed to the finishing.

To buy a penthouse in «Bolshevik», «Nabokov» and «Clubhouse on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment» residential complexes, call the experts of kupipenthouse.ru project by phone +7 (495) 320-95-50.

We will show you the apartments the next day and, if necessary, help you to arrange a mortgage. We work with love and free of charge.

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The «golden mile» is a street with expensive housing, offices and shops. This term was invented by Canadian writer Hugh McLennan. In his «Two Loneliness» novel, he named Villare-Marie, a neighborhood of Montreal at the foot of Mount Royal, as «the square of golden mile». The author chose the name not accidentally: in the 19th century industrial magnates from England and Scotland built Villers-Marie with luxurious mansions.

The creative idea of McLennan was picked up by realtors. They began to call the elite areas of New York, Paris, London, Hong Kong and other cities around the world as the «golden miles».

In 1997, the «golden mile» appeared in Moscow. The founder of the construction company «RGI International», Boris Kuzinets, began to build elite houses in the triangle between Ostozhenka and Prechistenskaya embankment. He was not the first developer here, but realtors call him «the father of Ostozhenka».


Vid s Molochnogo doma na Kopper House i Butikovskiy 5

The view from the terrace of the complex in Molochny lane at Copper-House and Butikovsky, 5. All the objects were built by RGI International.


Kuzinets turned the Moscow real estate market upside down. He was the first Russian developer who paid the ultimate attention to architecture. For the first time after the «Stalin Empire», Moscow evidenced the buildings that were executed, basing on European architectural trends. Kuzinets also built the apartments as if «for himself». According to the entrepreneur, to think over the ergonomics of an apartment, he imagined himself to be a party-goer or a family man.

That is how the first clubhouses emerged in Moscow: with one apartment on the floor, an elevator to the apartment, ceilings higher that 3 meters, panoramic windows and private terraces. The highlight of clubhouses are penthouses, the status and quality of which are relevant even today.

There are five good reasons to buy a penthouse on Ostozhenka.


Reason 1: personal view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Ostozhenka is the territory of low-rise buildings. Old mansions and profitable houses rarely exceed 3-5 floors. Club houses of the «golden mile» are 1-2 floors higher. This was enough for Ostozhenka penthouses to obtain unique characteristics. For example, for those who want to buy a penthouse in Moscow, the view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is in second priority after viewing the Kremlin.

One of the best penthouses of the «golden mile» occupies the 6th-7th floors in «Neobidenniy Dom» residential complex. The apartment with the area of 400 m² has a glass roof, panoramic windows, a private terrace and a view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.



The view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior from the penthouse in «Neobidenniy Dom» residential complex.


The penthouse is sold without interior design, so, you can turn it into a family nest or apartment of the capital dandy. Gather in the hall with the whole family or drink wine under the open sky with a soul mate. Enjoy the golden domes from anywhere in the penthouse.

You can buy the penthouse in «Neobidenniy Dom» residential complex for 483 million rubles.


Neobydennyi dom v 1-m Obydenskom pereulke

«Neobidenniy Dom» on 1st Obydenskiy lane, 5


Reason 2: it takes 10 minutes to get from Ostozhenka to the Kremlin along the picturesque promenade

Ostozhenka and Prechistenskaya embankment lead to the Kremlin. Thus, you can straightly get from the «golden mile» to the Kremlin - faster along the city streets, more enjoyable along the embankment.

For example, «Barkley Plaza» residential complex by «Barkley» company stands on the first line of the Prechistenskaya embankment. The penthouse of 282 m2 occupies the 5th floor of the complex. The penthouse has a terrace, interior design and two parking spaces in the underground parking.


Terrasa penthausa Barkli Plaza s vidom na Kreml

The penthouse terrace in «Barkly Plaza» with the view of the Kremlin.


Walk along the embankment to the Kremlin Palace and the Armory, walk along the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and Bolotnaya Square - all the sightseeing are next to your apartment.

Get back home, set up the fire in wood-burning fireplace, turn on the built-in audio system and relax under your favorite music, enjoying the unhurried waters of the Moskva River.

You can buy a penthouse in «Barkli Plaza» 422 million rubles.


Vid na Barkli Plaza so storony parka Muzeon

The view of «Barkli Plaza»and Prechistenskaya embankment from the Museon Art Park.


Reason 3: a quiet oasis in the center of Moscow

The alleys of the «golden mile» are the quietest place in the central Moscow. There are no traffic jams and noisy institutions. Silence is violated by cars of premium class, which float through narrow streets several times a day, and public service employees who blow dust particles off the sidewalks.

In a harmony of silence and order it is difficult to notice that there are no common parks and squares in the «golden mile» - they are hidden in private courtyards of clubhouses.

Thus, there is a «semicircular» building on Molochny lane that draws attention at the background of other buildings. It is one of the most expensive residential complexes in Moscow, which includes the former residence of Ostozhenka's father, is buried in greenery.


Dvor s landshaftnym dizainom v molochnom pereulke

The courtyard with landscaped design, the building on Molochny lane.


The 5th floor of «Molochny Dom» is occupied by a penthouse with a terrace. Its area is 481 m². The penthouse is sold with interior design – just buy it and move in.

Unlike the owners of neighboring penthouses, you have a park with a landscape design. Relax in the shade of the alley, walk by the pond alone, with a partner, with a baby stroller - as you please. Walk in the morning to the pool, in the evening - to the gym or the sauna. Fall asleep by the fireplace, wake up from the ringing of the bells of Zachatyevsky Monastery.

It remains to buy a penthouse in «Molochny Dom». Its cost is 438 million rubles.


Vid na Zachatievskiy monastyr s terrasy penthausa v Molochnom pereulke

The view of Zachatievsky monastery from the penthouse terrace in «Molochny Dom».


Reason 4: being in your sphere

You can compare the penthouses of Ostozhenka with penthouses in other districts of Moscow in the same way as collections of clothes «from-haute couture» and «pret-a-porter». The first designer always sews by hand and by the piece. Buying penthouse «from-haute couture» is expensive and prestigious. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of living « being in your sphere».

Residents of the «golden mile» are the owners of big business. Yandex CEO Arkady Volozh, former president of Bashneft Alexander Korsik are among the,. They say that local property is owned by the oligarch Oleg Deripaska and the owner of Lukoil Vagit Alekperov. You will not meet random people here.


Reason 5: the last chance to buy

In 2013, Boris Kuzinets sold his stake in RGI International. Today he plans to build a skyscraper in New York, therefore, in the foreseeable future, a new elite housing from Kuzinets in Moscow will not appear.

Ideal penthouses from «Ostozhenka's father» will become a rarity. Considering the growth of ruble prices for the «elite» to 11% for 2016, buying a penthouse in the «golden mile» is a reasonable investment of funds.

One of the last lots of RGI in open sale is a penthouse on 5 Butikovsky lane. A two-level penthouse with a terrace occupies the 5th and the 6th floors and is sold without interior design. Its area is 563 m².

Vid na Hram Hrista Spasitelya v Butikovskom, 5

The view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior from the penthouse terrace in «Butikovsky, 5».


Panoramic windows of the penthouse in «Butikovsky, 5» face the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The view of the golden dome in the first rays of the sun will be a pleasant addition to the morning coffee. On the other side of the view will open a private courtyard in Japanese style. Like the gardens of the rising sun, it has a calm contemplation.

In order not to disturb the harmony, go down the silent elevator to the first floor: take the child to the playground, swim in the pool, sit in the sauna and dip into the font. Adjusting the temperature in the apartment, the «Smart House» system will make your return even more enjoyable. Read in front of the fire in the living room in the evenings.

You can buy a penthouse in «Butikovsky, 5 for 900 million rubles.


How to buy a penthouse in Ostozhenka

There are almost no vacant apartments and land for new construction in the «golden mile». Nevertheless, you can still buy a penthouse here, which has its own elevator, a glass roof, a terrace and a unique view of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

To buy a penthouse in the quietest part of central Moscow and within a 10-minute walk from the Kremlin, call the experts of kupipenthouse.ru project at +7 (495) 320-95-50.

Within 1 day we will show you the best penthouses of the «golden mile», help you to approve the mortgage and get on the deal. We work with love and free of charge.

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When every complex is an exclusive, it's hard to choose the right one. Those who plan to buy a penthouse in Moscow, are familiar with the difficulties of this choice. And the reason is not in the volume of the market - there are 160 Moscow penthouses in the open sale. And not even in the price - the cost of penthouses in Moscow starts from 25 million rubles. The fact is that each of them has a unique view of the city.

An invariable favorite among the owners of elite real estate is the view of the Kremlin. For example, it allows using the penthouse not only for the luxurious life, but also for conducting high-level negotiations.

Buying a penthouse with the view of the Kremlin means annual increase of the return on investment. The fact is that it is unlikely that new penthouses will appear in the historical center of Moscow - construction works here is limited. But the number of those who will want to buy a penthouse with the view of the Kremlin will grow.

Kupipenthouse.ru experts have selected the top five penthouses with the view of the Kremlin, which you can see the next day once you call.


Clubhouse on Kotelnicheskaya embankment

Perhaps, it is worth investing 530 million rubles, so that to admire the Kremlin from the penthouse on Kotelnicheskaya every day. You can be sure that this location provides the best view of the center of the capital.


Vid na Kreml iz penthausa v klubnom dome na Kotelniheskoy, 31

The view of the Kremlin from the penthouse in the clubhouse on 31 Kotelnicheskaya street.


Just make one step, and two levels of luxury with the area of ​​350 m² are yours. Plan you free layout as you wish. Decide how you would like to look at Moscow, where to arrange a bedroom, and where - a bathroom.

Watch the city and the sunsets through panoramic windows or on your own terrace. The spa-center and wellness-club will help you to forget about the daily routine. Room service and personal chief will help you to be in time and not to worry about trifles.

There is a three-level parking for 220 cars and a courtyard with landscape design in the house on Kotelnicheskaya.

The club house on Kotelnicheskaya was created in the style of Soviet monumental classicism. Interior design is performed in Art-Deco style. Porcelain, marble, onyx and wood are used as decorating elements. Therefore, your penthouse will look great even from the street.


Sytinsky residential complex

The penthouse on the 8th floor of «Sytinsky» residential complex costs 1.2 billion rubles. Its area is 710 m². This is the most expensive penthouse with the view of the Kremlin.


Zhiloy kompleks Sytinskiy v Bogoslovskom pereulke

«Sytinsky» residential complex in Bogoslovsky lane.


It is sold without interior design, but there are panoramic windows installed. Thus, you can organize the space so that you can admire the towers of the Kremlin from your favorite room. You will be able to see the dome of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the panorama of the historical center of Moscow from here.

You can reach Tverskaya street within 5 minutes, and the Kremlin within 15 minutes from «Sytinsky».

Tverskoy boulevard - the longest and oldest boulevard in Moscow – is in a couple of houses. Its history starts from 1796. Even then, Tverskoy boulevard became a favorite place for walks of the Moscow gentry and merchants, whose representatives built up neighborhood mansions. Andrei Sytin, Corporal of the Izmailovsky Regiment, was among them. Then a small lane was called after his name, and nowadays - an elite residential complex.

«Sytinsky» is a clubhouse with 49 apartments. The building of three sections with the height of 6-8 floors was built in 2010. There is a children playground, a recreation area and parking for guests in the compound yard of «Sytinsky» residential complex. There is a winter garden, a gastronomic boutique and a gym inside the complex. It also has 112-car underground parking and a car wash.

According to plan of the architector, the ventilated facades of the building were decorated with Italian limestone, similar in structure with marble. The basement was decorated with Indian granite, and entrance groups, corridors and halls - with marble mosaic, stained-glass windows and valuable wood. It allowed to create a noble appearance of the residential complex.


Impersky Dom residential complex

You can buy the penthouse with the area of ​​491 m² on the upper floors of «Impersky Dom» residential complex for 1.1 billion rubles. This is the second most expensive penthouse with the view of the Kremlin.


Vid na Kreml iz penthausa v Imperskom Dome, Yakimanskiy pereulok

The view of the Kremlin from the penthouse in «Impersky Dom», Yakimanskiy lane.


Go out to your private terrace or look out from the panoramic windows of the penthouse to old Moscow: the Kremlin, the Christ the Savior Cathedral and the Moskva River. Go down from the personal elevator hall to the second floor. Here you will enter a hidden yard with a landscape design. Spend the evening in a private vinotheque, cigar room or dine in a deluxe home-style restaurant. Then take one part of children to the game room, the second part - to the pool, and go out into the street.

Stand at the complex and look around: a monument to Peter rushes in the eyes, there is  «golden mile» of Ostozhenka - the most expensive district of Moscow - beyond the river. Cross the road and enter the Museon Art Park. There is the Central House of Artists on its territory that hosts international exhibitions on real estate and architecture.

«Impersky Dom» is located on Yakimanskiy lane, within 15 minutes from the Kremlin, Gorky Park, the Estrada Theater and the President Hotel.


Kopernik residential complex

You can buy the penthouse in «Kopernik» residential complex for 850 million rubles. Its area is 450 m2, and it is sold with interior design. Unlike other penthouses with the view of the Kremlin, this one is located on the roof of aт apartment house rather than a clubhouse.


Interier penthausa v ZHK Kopernik na Yakimanke. Penthaus gotov k zaseleniyu. Pokupai i zhivi.

The interior of the penthouse in «Kopernik» residential complex on Yakimanskiy lane. The penthouse is ready for moving-in – just buy it and enjoy.


Invite friends, go up to the penthouse on a personal elevator and open the armored door. You will find a dining room, a cinema and a fireplace in the guest penthouse area. Open the terrace doors and admire the views that have become one of the reasons you bought the penthouse: the Moskva River, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Kremlin.

If you want to relax, go to the backstage area. Here you will find 5 bedrooms with separate dressing rooms and bathrooms. You can order delivery of hot dishes and medicines, call home cleaning and animal care directly from the penthouse.

From the backstage area you can leave the penthouse through the second exit, and two parking spaces in the underground parking are already waiting for your cars. Masters of car service will help to fix technical problems, and automatic washing will clean the wheels and the bottom when leaving the parking lot.

«Kopernik» residential complex was built in 2007. The complex consists of 146 apartments, divided into 6 sections from the 6th to the 15th floors. All apartments are equipped with a «Smart House» system.

The facade of «Kopernik» complex was built of clay bricks, decorated with columns, pilasters, mosaics and bay windows. The house is easy to recognize by the rounded windows in the shape of the sun, surrounded by a mosaic panel.


Balchug Viewpoint residential complex

It is the destiny of the most successful to live in the reserved zone of the Kremlin. Construction works here are rare, and each apartment is exclusive. The «Inteco» group of companies built «Balchug Viewpoint» on Sadovnicheskaya embankment, within 500 meters from the Kremlin walls. It is the closest to the Kremlin residence.


Vid na Kreml iz penthausa Balchug Viewpoint na Sadovnicheskoy naberezhnoy

The view of the Kremlin from the penthouse in «Balchug Viewpoint» on Sadovnicheskaya embankment.


Buy a penthouse on Balchug island, and you will be falling asleep enjoying with the view of the Kremlin and walking to Zaryadye Park, which was opened in the autumn 2017. You can buy the apartment with the area of ​​142 m2 for 82 million rubles. The price includes an open-plan space with panoramic windows.

You will not have to experience the inconvenience of pre-revolutionary buildings in this new complex. The developer took care of the comfort in advance. So, you will go down the elevator to 155-car underground parking or to the courtyard and winter garden.

«Balchug Viewpoint» facade is decorated with stone, glass and metal in harmony with the surrounding buildings. You will definitely feel proudly for your decision to buy the penthouse with the view of the Kremlin in «Balchug Viewpoint», walking alongside your complex on Sadovnicheskaya embankment.


How to buy a penthouse with the view of the Kremlin

To see all the penthouses that are on sale, download the catalog of Moscow penthouses on kupipenthouse.ru. website.

If you want to come and see the penthouses in person, call the experts of kupipenthouse.ru project at +7 (495) 320-95-50.

Within 1 day we will appoint and conduct a tour of the best penthouses in Moscow, we will help to approve the mortgage and execute a deal. We work with love and free of charge.

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If you think that the height determines the value of a penthouse, then this is not so. In the higher league of real estate, exclusive types help to score points. One of the rarest offers among the expensive urban residences is the complexies by the water. Do you know that the length of the Moscow River within the city is 83 km? This is 201 km of embankments considering both sides. However, only 10% of these territories are used as residential. Only 2% of Moscow residents live on the bank. The share of exclusive properties is even smaller.

The locations along Savvinskaya and Kotelnicheskaya embankments have a qualitative potential for the construction of expensive real estate. While Kotelnicheskaya embankment is already known by two buildings with excellent views, the project on Savvinskaya embankment is known by few: closed pre-sales in a multi-story building has just only started. The developer is well known for his deluxe clubhouses. The best choice for a better address are Prechistenskaya, Rostovskaya, Presnenskaya, Kotelnicheskaya and Frunzenskaya embankments. We have included several new addresses in the list of the best buildings overlooking the water.


Penthouse in «Kotelnicheskaya, 21» residential complex

Unlike most clubhouses in the capital hidden in the alleys, this deluxe project will be chosen by those who love attention and the best water views. The complex has 47 apartments, which occupy 3-7 floors. The majority of the apartments on the last floors overlook classical Moscow views of the embankments, and some apartments overlook a small courtyard. Shell & core finishing is ideal for further customization of interior projects. More democratic option is to use the option of turn-key design from the developer.

There is 110-car parking in the complex.

It offers the best views towards the Kremlin and only 1500 km distance. It has a limited number of properties.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 218 m², the price is 220 million rubles.


Penthouse in «Dom on Kotelnicheskaya embankment» residential complex

«Russkiy Monolit» developer is constructing another legend of the most famous embankment in the capital. In the continuation of the traditions of the Moscow architectural school, the clubhouse was designed in a classical style. The entrance groups set a high class of finishing with natural marble and mosaic. There are 141 deluxe apartments on 11 floors. The best - planning, open galleries and stunning views – are farther from the ground. The area of ​​the two-level penthouse allows turning it into a luxurious residence for a bachelor. A restaurant on the closed territory of the complex, 24/7 concierge service and personal chef services are the arguments in favor of this scenario. It is possible to visit neighbors instead of parties: thanks to the different level of architecture, six viewing terraces have been constructed in the building.

The location on the first line provides excellent timeless views.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 350 m², the price is 530 million rubles.


Penthouse in «Balchug Viewpoint» residential complex

One of the two projects of «Inteko» group of companies in the area of ​​Sadovnicheskaya embankment. The best view is not always provided at high altitude, and the modern apartments of this complex directly confirm this. The compact penthouse is one of 116 units of the complex. The plan of the building with a variable number of stories (from 4 to 6 levels) represents a polygon that allows arranging a quiet Italian atrium inside. The unique location opposite the Kremlin makes the purchase a good investment. The rent business of such a residence with a status address will bring a stable income.

Nothing prevents you from enjoying the views, thanks to the wall-high panoramic glazing.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 142 m², the price is 82 million rubles.


Penthouse in «City Park» quarter

Vertical village on Krasnaya Presnya is a premium residential block of six terraced buildings. Private gardens will surround you not only on the ground, but also on exploited roofs. There are playgrounds in each yard for children, and entertainment in the neighborhood, in Trekhgornaya Manufactory, for adults. Residences with the views of the river and terraces are available on 17th-18th floors of one of the buildings. The highest-rise offer is in the neighborhood: apartments on the 19th-20th floors.

There is vertical gardening rare for Moscow. The apartments overlook beautiful panoramas of Taras Shevchenko embankment and two Stalin Highlands.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 126 m², the price is 58 million rubles.


Penthouse in «Zilart» quarter

It is one of the largest redevelopment projects in Moscow along the bank line. This modern district located at the territory of 65 hectares and once related to the «ZIL» plant, is currently under construction. The developer positions the buildings as of the art class, as they were designed with the participation of 9 star architectural bureaus and named after their creators. You can start your morning actively by jogging along the pedestrian promenade, or passively, watching the awakening of the city from the 4-room residence on the last 14th floor.

The address, Chagall embankment, sounds great, the surroundings are inspiring: a concert hall and a theater, art galleries and the Hermitage-Moscow Museum.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 130 m², the price is 33 million rubles.


Penthouse in «Neskuchny Home & SPA» residential complex

It was a loud premiere of the premium class in 2017. The complex consisting of five skyscrapers, will become a new high-rise dominant on Leninsky Prospekt. The first tower (262 m²) is scheduled for delivery in late 2019. New York residential skyscraper Trump World Tower reaches a similar altitude. «NESKUCHNY HOME & SPA» is the highest residential building in Moscow: unlike the City, the legal status of real estate here is residential. You will feel exceptionally in this «vertical city» penthouse. You can buy a modest option of 250 m² (1 square meter is for 940 thousand rubles), or you can become the owner of a two-level ultra-private residence of an incredible area, that, of course, overlooks 4 sides of the world.

Only the residents with a personal key for the elevator will be able to rise to the level of penthouses.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 791 m², the price is 712,630,000 rubles.


Penthouse in «Neva Towers» tower

Two 2-level penthouses are available in the first 78-storied tower of the best-selling Moscow-City project. As well as all the apartments of the project, both are offered with white box finishing. These skyscrapers not only attract with high-rise panoramas, but also with carefully selected options of club services that are only available for the residents of the towers: a swimming pool in the park, virtual golf, squash courts, a cinema, outdoor fireplaces, restaurant areas.

The striking ceiling height is up to 7 meters, the residents are able to enjoy with the view of the Moscow River at sunset or the view of the embankments towards the center.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 780 m², the price is provided on request.


We are inspired by the fact that the embankments of Moscow start to resemble Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, which we love. If the government implements the plan for the development of areas along the Moscow River, then up to 30 million m² of real estate will be built by 2035 in the city. In the competition for the development of the territory of the Moscow River at the end of 2014, the victory was awarded to the «Future Ports» of Yuri Grigoryan architectural bureau. According to his plan, 39 mini-ports should appear in the capital – the places where «the city meets the river». If «Meganom» project becomes a reality, we will rest not only on the embankments, but also on the river itself.

If you want to buy a penthouse with the view of the water on a bank of an embankment in Moscow, then simply contact the experts of kupipenthouse.ru project by phone + 7 (495) 320-95-50.

Within 1 day we will appoint and conduct an excursion to the best penthouses in Moscow, we will help to approve the mortgage and arrange the deal. We work with love and free of charge.

Published on: 8 May 2017
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A private terrace is an important part of any right penthouse. Everyone who only plans to buy a penthouse or is already its lucky owner will have to solve the task of arranging a terrace. How to make these thirty square meters of open-air space cozy and warm in order to make your friends and loved ones to keep staying there more and more. Consider our options that can be applied to your terrace.


Equipping an open-air cinema

Open an open-air cinema for you and your friends on the penthouse terrace. Organize a noisy party, stock up on popcorn, drinks and sit comfortably in the armchairs. Click the remote and watch a game of your favorite football team, a new season of the long-awaited series or a fresh Hollywood blockbuster on the screen of your open-air cinema. When your friends are gone, continue with a romantic evening with champagne and viewing photos from a recent trip to Paris. It is better not to take money for tickets from friends and relatives, they may not understand this.

You can use several solutions to arrange an open-air cinema. The simplest way is to install a white screen and connect a projector. You can take a classic projector, but in case of rain you will have to bring it back home. There are special street projectors that can work in wet weather and rain.


Opening summer kitchen

It is possible to arrange summer kitchen practically on any terrace. There is only the sky above, so no one can prevent grilling juicy rib eye roast or salmon steak. Well, or grilling vegetables and champignons, if you are a vegetarian.

The size and completeness of the kitchen depends on the size of your terrace and your passion for cooking. The simplest version is about setting a grill and a small table for cutting. The maximum version is about equipping a full kitchen with a turbo grill, sink, work area and a tent. The «summer» definition is conditional, because you can use it in winter as well. Cook your firebrand kebab on the flame for your favorite friends right on the terrace of your penthouse in the center of Moscow. While you will be cooking, they will be drinking wine, chatting and admiring the views of the night city.


Installing a Jacuzzi

A skeptical buyer of a penthouse can say that there are so few warm days in Moscow - and he will be right. But hot water will allow you to swim on the terrace not only in summer, but in spring and even in late autumn. Your small outdoor spa pool can become the epicenter of both noisy parties with friends, and romantic quiet evenings with a loved one. Bubbles of champagne, foam for baths with fir aroma, gurgling water and panoramic views of Moscow will turn any head.

To quickly arrange your own spa on the terrace of the penthouse, you can use the ground portable Jacuzzi. This spa pool is finished with wood outside, and is easily installed directly on the floor of a terrace. Water connection is not difficult. The Jacuzzi can be filled even with a hose. The Jacuzzi has a lot of options for different massage and iridescent LED lighting. When you move to a larger penthouse, you will be able to take your portable Jacuzzi with you.


Arranging personal garden

Although Tverskaya street has been planted with trees, it is still definitely not enough greenery in the capital. Penthouses are built of glass and concrete, therefore, striving for being closer to nature, penthouse owners can turn their terrace into a green garden.

If the area of ​​a terrace is 100-200 meters, an owner together with a designer chooses the type of lawn and trees in large tubs. The process of arranging square meters on the roof is the same with creating a lawn in the courtyard of a country house. The only difference is that trees and lawns have to be lifted by an elevator.

Vertical landscaping which is allowed on the walls will be suitable for small terraces. Designers advise to arrange small cedar or other ornamental plants in pots. Let’s add a couple of sun loungers, lanterns with candles along the perimeter, an arbor with a cozy floor lamp and plaids – and it is done. A piece of nature emerges under your windows right in the center of Moscow.


Installing a wood-burning fireplace

It is said that a person can endlessly watch the running water, the burning fire and an ATM counting money. In this list, we are interested in fire. In many penthouses from our catalog, an owner can install a wood-burning fireplace to spend a cold winter day sitting in a rocking chair and drinking grog. As if you are not in the center of Moscow, but somewhere in the silence of Rublyovka. But how about the idea of installing the second fireplace on a terrace?

There are many ideas for implementation. If the architecture of a terrace allows, you can install a wood-burning fireplace, or equip a small spirit or gas fireplace. Then, add an angular sofa, a few puffs or seat-bags around this center to arrange a great place for conversations in the company of friends and relatives.

If you are inspired by the ideas and decide to buy a penthouse with a terrace, contact the expert of kupipenthouse.ru project by phone + 7 (495) 320-95-50. He or she will pick up you 5-6 options within 30 minutes absolutely free of charge, and, if you want, will appoint previews for the following days. If you do not plan to withdraw money from the business, our mortgage broker will approve a mortgage at 10.5% per annum. You now have many ideas how to equip your future terrace - it remains to implement them.


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