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Published on: 13 June 2017
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If you think that the height determines the value of a penthouse, then this is not so. In the higher league of real estate, exclusive types help to score points. One of the rarest offers among the expensive urban residences is the complexies by the water. Do you know that the length of the Moscow River within the city is 83 km? This is 201 km of embankments considering both sides. However, only 10% of these territories are used as residential. Only 2% of Moscow residents live on the bank. The share of exclusive properties is even smaller.

The locations along Savvinskaya and Kotelnicheskaya embankments have a qualitative potential for the construction of expensive real estate. While Kotelnicheskaya embankment is already known by two buildings with excellent views, the project on Savvinskaya embankment is known by few: closed pre-sales in a multi-story building has just only started. The developer is well known for his deluxe clubhouses. The best choice for a better address are Prechistenskaya, Rostovskaya, Presnenskaya, Kotelnicheskaya and Frunzenskaya embankments. We have included several new addresses in the list of the best buildings overlooking the water.


Penthouse in «Kotelnicheskaya, 21» residential complex

Unlike most clubhouses in the capital hidden in the alleys, this deluxe project will be chosen by those who love attention and the best water views. The complex has 47 apartments, which occupy 3-7 floors. The majority of the apartments on the last floors overlook classical Moscow views of the embankments, and some apartments overlook a small courtyard. Shell & core finishing is ideal for further customization of interior projects. More democratic option is to use the option of turn-key design from the developer.

There is 110-car parking in the complex.

It offers the best views towards the Kremlin and only 1500 km distance. It has a limited number of properties.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 218 m², the price is 220 million rubles.


Penthouse in «Dom on Kotelnicheskaya embankment» residential complex

«Russkiy Monolit» developer is constructing another legend of the most famous embankment in the capital. In the continuation of the traditions of the Moscow architectural school, the clubhouse was designed in a classical style. The entrance groups set a high class of finishing with natural marble and mosaic. There are 141 deluxe apartments on 11 floors. The best - planning, open galleries and stunning views – are farther from the ground. The area of ​​the two-level penthouse allows turning it into a luxurious residence for a bachelor. A restaurant on the closed territory of the complex, 24/7 concierge service and personal chef services are the arguments in favor of this scenario. It is possible to visit neighbors instead of parties: thanks to the different level of architecture, six viewing terraces have been constructed in the building.

The location on the first line provides excellent timeless views.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 350 m², the price is 530 million rubles.


Penthouse in «Balchug Viewpoint» residential complex

One of the two projects of «Inteko» group of companies in the area of ​​Sadovnicheskaya embankment. The best view is not always provided at high altitude, and the modern apartments of this complex directly confirm this. The compact penthouse is one of 116 units of the complex. The plan of the building with a variable number of stories (from 4 to 6 levels) represents a polygon that allows arranging a quiet Italian atrium inside. The unique location opposite the Kremlin makes the purchase a good investment. The rent business of such a residence with a status address will bring a stable income.

Nothing prevents you from enjoying the views, thanks to the wall-high panoramic glazing.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 142 m², the price is 82 million rubles.


Penthouse in «City Park» quarter

Vertical village on Krasnaya Presnya is a premium residential block of six terraced buildings. Private gardens will surround you not only on the ground, but also on exploited roofs. There are playgrounds in each yard for children, and entertainment in the neighborhood, in Trekhgornaya Manufactory, for adults. Residences with the views of the river and terraces are available on 17th-18th floors of one of the buildings. The highest-rise offer is in the neighborhood: apartments on the 19th-20th floors.

There is vertical gardening rare for Moscow. The apartments overlook beautiful panoramas of Taras Shevchenko embankment and two Stalin Highlands.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 126 m², the price is 58 million rubles.


Penthouse in «Zilart» quarter

It is one of the largest redevelopment projects in Moscow along the bank line. This modern district located at the territory of 65 hectares and once related to the «ZIL» plant, is currently under construction. The developer positions the buildings as of the art class, as they were designed with the participation of 9 star architectural bureaus and named after their creators. You can start your morning actively by jogging along the pedestrian promenade, or passively, watching the awakening of the city from the 4-room residence on the last 14th floor.

The address, Chagall embankment, sounds great, the surroundings are inspiring: a concert hall and a theater, art galleries and the Hermitage-Moscow Museum.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 130 m², the price is 33 million rubles.


Penthouse in «Neskuchny Home & SPA» residential complex

It was a loud premiere of the premium class in 2017. The complex consisting of five skyscrapers, will become a new high-rise dominant on Leninsky Prospekt. The first tower (262 m²) is scheduled for delivery in late 2019. New York residential skyscraper Trump World Tower reaches a similar altitude. «NESKUCHNY HOME & SPA» is the highest residential building in Moscow: unlike the City, the legal status of real estate here is residential. You will feel exceptionally in this «vertical city» penthouse. You can buy a modest option of 250 m² (1 square meter is for 940 thousand rubles), or you can become the owner of a two-level ultra-private residence of an incredible area, that, of course, overlooks 4 sides of the world.

Only the residents with a personal key for the elevator will be able to rise to the level of penthouses.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 791 m², the price is 712,630,000 rubles.


Penthouse in «Neva Towers» tower

Two 2-level penthouses are available in the first 78-storied tower of the best-selling Moscow-City project. As well as all the apartments of the project, both are offered with white box finishing. These skyscrapers not only attract with high-rise panoramas, but also with carefully selected options of club services that are only available for the residents of the towers: a swimming pool in the park, virtual golf, squash courts, a cinema, outdoor fireplaces, restaurant areas.

The striking ceiling height is up to 7 meters, the residents are able to enjoy with the view of the Moscow River at sunset or the view of the embankments towards the center.

The area of ​​the penthouse is 780 m², the price is provided on request.


We are inspired by the fact that the embankments of Moscow start to resemble Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, which we love. If the government implements the plan for the development of areas along the Moscow River, then up to 30 million m² of real estate will be built by 2035 in the city. In the competition for the development of the territory of the Moscow River at the end of 2014, the victory was awarded to the «Future Ports» of Yuri Grigoryan architectural bureau. According to his plan, 39 mini-ports should appear in the capital – the places where «the city meets the river». If «Meganom» project becomes a reality, we will rest not only on the embankments, but also on the river itself.

If you want to buy a penthouse with the view of the water on a bank of an embankment in Moscow, then simply contact the experts of kupipenthouse.ru project by phone + 7 (495) 320-95-50.

Within 1 day we will appoint and conduct an excursion to the best penthouses in Moscow, we will help to approve the mortgage and arrange the deal. We work with love and free of charge.

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