High life, or top-5 penthouses in Moscow City

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Published on: 8 September 2020
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Moscow City has become a well-known brand among Russian and foreign business representatives, politicians, top managers and culture representatives. It attracts not only with its functionality, but also with its urban look. Life in Moscow City is comfortable, thanks to the developed infrastructure and a wide range of services. Shopping galleries, fitness clubs, restaurants and bars, underground parking lots are all within five-minute walk. Comfort is an important component, but it is not a key factor. The real estate in the towers of Presnensky district is extremely prestigious. In this article, we have reviewed 5 best penthouses of Moscow City, which amaze with their luxury.

Penthouse with an open terrace in «City of Capitals» tower

The way to the apartments takes place at a cozy and atmospheric lobby with a small garden where you can appoint private negotiations or relax after a hard day. A personal elevator to the penthouse will lift you from the 1st to the 75th floor in less than a minute. When you enter the room, you are able to enjoy with the panorama of the capital’s center from a bird's-eye view. The ceilings with the height of more than 6 meters are also a characteristic feature of the penthouse. This allows building up the second level of the room and increasing the area to almost 2 000 m². Thanks to the freedom of planning of the premises, you can implement any design project. The penthouse in «City of Capitals» has the access to the helicopter pad for emergency situations. Experts estimate the cost of premises at 500 million rubles. However, this is not the limit: last year, a penthouse in the same tower was sold for $ 10.5 million, which was the most expensive deal for 2016.

Two floors in a golden tower for 500 million rubles

Sky-premium penthouse in «Mercury» tower occupies more than 500 m². The Kremlin, Zhivopisny Bridge, Poklonnaya Gora, Ukraine Hotel - everything can be observed from your new apartment. You are able to enjoy with the view of the whole Moscow through the panoramic windows of the 62th-63th floors. Unlike the previous penthouse, the engineers have connected two floors. «Mercury» tower is connected with «Afimol» and other towers through the underground passage, near the famous restaurants «Nebo» and «Sixty». The developer asks for about half a million rubles for such two-level penthouse in Moscow City. Perhaps, it is the smallest among those described in the top-5, but it is in no way inferior to other larger-scale objects.

Sky-penthouse and the ceilings with the height of up to 15 meters

«Federation» tower accommodates perhaps the largest penthouse in Moscow City. It occupies the world's tallest 97th floor. Its total area is more than a football field - about 8.000 m2. The giant among apartments is considered as a separate space of ​​the tower. It is complemented by a personal elevator zone, which, like in all the towers of Moscow City, will raise the owner of the apartment to the right floor within a minute. However, the future owner of the apartment will become not only the owner of a large area, but also a unique project, which has no analogues either in Russia nor in Europe. The engineering team guarantees the stability of the penthouse for at least 150 years. The cost of the object is estimated at $180 000 000.

Penthouse in «Empire» tower with hundreds of offices under your feet

On the 58th floor of the tower there is a penthouse with the cost of 1 000 000 000 rubles. There is a panoramic view of all sides of the city. The apartments have a convenient access to the roof of the building, which allows enjoying with even more attractive view of Moscow. It is impossible to feel limited by any framework on the area of ​​1.000 m2. Moreover, the free layout of the penthouse will not limit the flight of the imagination of its owners, when they decide to implement their design preferences into reality. Under the tower there is both a parking lot and the entrance to «Delovoy Tsentr» metro station. A rigid system of access and a wide range of services in «Empire» tower will not allow any unforeseen situations to spoil the mood of the tower residents.

Business life in «OKO» tower

Our rating is finalized by an object that cannot be fully described as a penthouse, but nevertheless has a balcony with the area of 2000 m2 with the view of Moscow. This is the largest office in «OKO» tower with the price exceeding 27 billion rubles. For this amount, the designers and engineers of the project suggest making the headquarters of a large company in open-space format, allocating zones for negotiation rooms and offices for executive managers, as well as arranging a green space for their colleagues on the balcony of the 48th floor. The working group was headed by world-famous architect Massimo Iosa Ghini, who creates offices for large international companies, for example, Ferrari. The office with an open terrace is complemented by the access to the helicopter pad for emergency situations. Modern lobby and developed infrastructure of the tower will provide employees with great mood and comfort during working process.

If you are interested in one of the objects or want to buy a penthouse in Moscow City, then call our brokers at +7 (495) 320-95-50. The team of kupipenthouse.ru project will select and show the best offers within one day. We work free of charge.

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